Your Personal Story

We recently did a newborn portrait photography session in our downtown Syracuse studio that made me think about the importance of having your images tell a personal story. These images were more than just basic shots. We used our experience to pull together newborn photographs are going to be the centerpiece of a baby book that will become a treasured family heirloom.

Beyond just capturing a likeness – professional photography sessions that say more
Before each portrait session our photographers like to have a preplanning meeting to discuss the details of the shoot and plan the images we will be capturing. These meetings range from quick discussions to lengthy sessions where we plan more then just backgrounds and clothing choices. Some portrait sessions are planned to be just photographs that capture how a person looks at their best. Others are planned to capture not only how a person looks at that moment in time but to tell a story that will be woven into the fabric of a family’s personal history.

A family’s journey- experienced portrait photographers go beyond the basics
For this session I communicated with the new mom via phone, instead of in our photography studio, because it was most convenient for her sleep deprived schedule. We planned the usual info about backgrounds and clothing choices but when they arrived at the studio for their newborn session the conversation developed into something more.
We discussed how difficult it was for this couple to have a baby and the invitro and trials that followed. The joy that they felt in the hospital when the baby was safely born and how a lovely aid at the hospital knitted a small pumpkin shaped hat to celebrate the birth of their autumn baby. The resulting photographs we created together will always remind the family about their time in the hospital with caring people surrounding them and the realization of their dream.

Check out our favorite image from this session. If you are looking for a professional newborn photographer who can help you capture more then just the basics contact Francesca Photographers to discuss what we can do.

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