What Should I Wear for an Engagement Portrait?

Options and variety are key

Many clients typically choose to be photographed in a variety of different outfits. Please arrive at your session dressed in your favorite outfit, but bring additional clothing selections to change into. Your photographer will consult with you to pair the best outfits with various locations and backgrounds.

Clothing for engagement portraits

We recommend coordinating clothing colors to make the portrait the best it can be. The clothing does not have to be matching, but a harmonious color scheme can make the difference between a good session and a great session. Some popular color palettes are as follows:

Logos, bold stripes and wild patterns are not recommended because they tend to distract.


Hair and Makeup

Our photographers agree it is important to arrive at your session with your hair and makeup camera ready.

When styling your hair and makeup please keep environmental factors in mind. If you will be photographed outdoors you may want to think about the wind and heat. These elements can cause your hair to blow unflatteringly or shine to form on your face.

Hairspray, hairstyling that showcases your face and anti-frizz products are all helpful when creating the best portrait possible. Remember to smooth down any distracting flyaways.

Makeup is important to consider as well. To avoid additional retouching we typically recommend matte makeup that is free from sparkles and shine. The lighting used by professional photographers can create shinny spots when it reflects off sparkly makeup.

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