When you commission Francesca Photographers to photograph your Syracuse, New York wedding, our digital artists become an integral part of your celebration – from the preliminary planning of your event imagery, right through to the curated creation of your final wedding portrait collection.

Can You Picture It?

Your own, individually selected, highly skilled team of experienced wedding photographers making sure that no matter how fast the special moments fly by, they will never be forgotten.

The Photographers at Francesca ensure that every smile, laugh, embrace… each loving kiss… all the beautiful, outrageous, incredible memories from your wedding story last forever.

We understand that it’s not just about capturing the photographs, it’s about the experts behind the cameras. It’s about the locations and lighting, the accessories and clothing, the candids and poses. It’s about making you feel relaxed and comfortable, so you can have fun in front of the lens. And it’s about celebrating your personality, excitement and love for one another – each portrait immortalizing unforgettable moments of pure magic.

We Are Here For You

Contact the Photographers at Francesca and let us help you create your perfect wedding day.