To Stage, Or Not To Stage, That is the Question

Making sure the photos of your location look their best

We all know how important it is to make sure that the photographs on your website and marketing materials are sending the right message.  When capturing your business location photographs you want to make sure your space looks its absolute best. Sometimes even a few small adjustments to make a big difference in the final photographs.

Clean up and declutter your space

To create images that look fresh and modern it is always good to start by cleaning up your location and removing any clutter that can distract.   Putting away any piles of papers and stray office supplies can really help. Be sure there are no visible electrical cords or computer cables that look messy and all of the window coverings are straight and uniformly open or closed.  Sometimes a new plant or fresh floral arrangement can give your space a welcoming feel.

Scan the room

Look around your space to see what visually jumps out to you and make sure these standouts are what you want your client to see.  Put away anything that does not send the message you want to convey in your business photographs.  Remember that clients are using these to learn more about your business and what you stand for.

Get help from a professional

At Francesca photographers, we always begin each session by learning more about your business and your goals for the photographs. We will work hard during your session, and in post-production, to make sure we elevate the image of your space to the best it can possibly be.


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