The Tassel is Worth The Hassle -finding a creative graduation photographer for epic graduation photos

Whether you are looking for graduation photography at Syracuse University, Lemoyne, Cazenovia College, or any other school you know it all starts with selecting a great photographer.  Gone are the days of boring overly posed grad photos.  A fresh generation of creative graduation photographers is ushering in a whole new look.

Your graduation only happens once and you want to make sure you get the photos you want.  When selecting a grad photographer you should ask about their:

-Experience – Have they been a full-time professional photographer for years?   Ask them if they are solid and have a legit commercial studio space.  How did they become photographers and do they have a college degree in photography or the arts?

-Photography style – Take a look at their portfolio and make sure their style as a photographer matches your vision for great grad photos.  Can they show you examples of graduation portrait photography they have captured in the past?

-Graduation Photography Pricing- Ask to see complete pricing information and what it includes.   Find out the charges for the sitting fee and the cost for digital files, prints, and albums.  You do not want surprises later.

Check out our studio’s portfolio of graduation photography images.  If you like our style feel free to reach out to us anytime via text, email, or phone and we will send over our pricing and information.  ( 315-498-0120) Or, you can make an appointment to meet with us in our photography studio located in downtown Syracuse.

Our super-creative photographers are fun,  experienced,  and would love to talk with you about how we can create an epic graduation photography experience tailored for you!

Here are a few links to portfolios of graduation photographs we have taken. Enjoy! – This session was photographed at Syracuse University – SU – This session was photographed at Syracuse University – SU – This session was of a graduate who attended school online because she was an athlete who competed internationally for the Israeli national ice-skating team.


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