The Professional Photographer’s Personal Photo Holiday Cards

Every year I send out photo holiday card. Looking back at them is an incredible marker of where I was at that time in my life. The year that I added the man that would become my husband to the card. The year we had our son. The year we adopted out daughter from overseas.

Each and every one of them really shows where I was in my life in both big and small ways. Some years are carefully considered and some years life is hectic and overwhelming. Those are the years that the photos are a little bit simpler.

I just mailed out our annual card. Many of our closest friends and family look forward to them each year. Our mailing list has grown as we make friends and our lives have changed.

Check out all of the cards we have sent out since my husband and I added children to lives. I capture children’s portraits and family portraits for many so many families each year. I love to see how they turn them into such beautiful photo holiday cards but my favorites are still these cards that I made for my own family.

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