The Ladies Room Podcast

Marketing Photography for Promotion

We captured a great portrait session for marketing the new season of The Ladies Room podcast.  This incredible podcast is a collaboration between Jennifer Sanders of NewsChannel9 and Iris St. Merin of Spectrum News.  They created the show when they saw a need for telling the stories of local and national women who have overcome challenges, who inspire, empower and make a difference in their communities and beyond.

Communicating Brand Messaging Through Photography

We have worked previously on headshots with Iris St. Merin from Spectrum News and she thought of us for the project.  She and Jennifer wanted to capture marketing photographs that embraced the spirit of the podcast and communicated their brand aesthetic.   As hosts of The Ladies Room, they wanted to be shown as professional, confident, fun and modern.  Someone that you trust and want to hang out and have coffee with.

Choosing a Representative Location

Jennifer and Iris chose to use Downtown Syracuse as a backdrop for many of their photographs.  Our studio chose to capture a variety of locations to give ample diversity of content that can be used across various marketing and social media outlets.  Some of the images have a more formal look while other images were staged to appear candid and fluid.   We even staged an impromptu “coffee house” in the window of our studio.  This set was used to create images of the women having fun while drinking coffee as friends.


Check out The Ladies Room podcast on Instagram @OnAirTLR to see how some of the images were used and to learn more about this great show.


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