Should You Put a Headshot on a Resume?

The topic of the year, I think, is whether a headshot fits on a resume. The resume alone holds a great deal of history, and is something that, while there are many variations to it, hasn’t quite changed conceptually… ever. I find that a headshot on a resume may hold similar value to bringing the interviewer coffee, or sending in a video pitch. It truly is just an addition to the one-paged story of your career. We all just want a little bit more, and maybe that’s the narcissistic nature of a resume or lack thereof? We don’t have enough words or space to write what we want so… “here’s a picture of me”!! While this is up for debate, I have a few reasons why this technique may give you a leg up (depending on the industry).

The employers are googling you anyway.
With today’s rapid media, your face is out there. Cut out the need for guessing which profile is yours by offering a sleek and professional picture of yourself. Who knows what kind of people have the same name as you, and what they’re doing on their profile? If there’s an inkling that you are an overly inappropriate person, a recruiter may not give you a chance.

If you have a confident and fun headshot, it can match your skills like a perfect wine
A large argument against photos on a resume is that it takes away from your years of work. However, for someone who is busy and holds many positions and responsibility, your looks being ALSO up to par is such a cool bonus. Showing you care about your appearance, especially in positions where you’ll be a familiar face for a company, is something you should pride yourself in. It’s not about wearing the most up-to-date designer sweater, it’s showing that you care about your personal branding enough to find time and money to get a professional headshot that you love.

Not everyone likes their pictures taken, and EVERYONE knows that. What else screams “confidence” then a beautiful professional shot on your resume, of all places? Knowing that you look good, and you’re ready for a job, shows you aren’t afraid of anything. I think that going with an image on your resume speaks to how you’re not afraid to use your personality and image to represent your qualities. It shows that you validate your work by stamping it with your face.

A common drawback is a headshot might take up space that could be occupied with skills, or that headshots are often not of perfect quality. If you spend money on a headshot and craft your resume to indicate all necessary skills, why not add some flavor? Especially in positions like sales, or marketing, your image is crucial — why hide your awesome headshot when it speaks to so much about yourself. Whether you choose to put it on your resume or leave it off, having the headshot is key to being able to make that decision for yourself. There are ways to tastefully incorporate your personal branding without being flashy, and by making a statement of your positive and clean-cut character.

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