Refresh Your Headshot Photos – Keepin’ it Modern!

Keeping your style and photographs fresh is so important in the digital age — everyone is constantly looking at your profile, which may be updated with all the right written content, but doesn’t visually send the right message. Clients often go too long without considering a headshot and just use the plain badge ID pic companies give you — but we know that’s not the best presentation! Your day-to-day is always changing, and so is your look.

Every year you look different, you have new hairstyles, you’re trying new makeup trends, working on new outfits; so your headshots should show you as accurately as possible! Especially in the dating world, you would want someone to look like their profile photo. Even after a few months, someone can change so much and you don’t exactly want to “shock” people upon first meeting.

Just as you take selfies and post them often, consider a yearly headshot, especially if you’ve developed into a new role at work, or have considerations to start applying for a new job.

Fresh Content Implies Approachability

While your resume can speak to your skills, your face speaks to your style and attitude. This goes for any social accounts and dating apps, as well. If your goal is to invite someone into your personality, your headshots can speak to that over any text you decide to correlate. 

Make Your Branding Your OWN

You don’t have to do the typical business suit paired with a low-grade casual smile, you can be anything you are. Is baking your passion? Bring donuts! Stay-at-home parent? Bring the kids! The idea is to make you and your craft/personality shine through imaging, which can be difficult to capture on your own.

For the Ones Back Home

An important piece to keep in mind is the friends and family that watch your postings from afar. Even on LinkedIn, people love to see your look and how you’re doing — so if you’re a stickler for pictures, and hate the annual family Christmas card, do it for others to see that you are healthy and well. Professional photographs highlight your best traits, and can last you until the next year when you decide to refresh them again!


Your mobile phone selfies look good, but professional photographs make you look GOOD-good. You don’t have to worry about a blemish or shadow, we’re here to make you look optimal from ALL angles. We know how beautiful and confident you look in-person, so our professional shots of you need to mimic that, and sometimes the mobile version just doesn’t cut it.

Invest in a modern & fresh YOU for the new year — and make it a point to do it every year to continue to bring the quality content to your platforms.

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