Professional Headshots for Dating Apps

If you have been on a dating app lately you know how important first impressions are.  You have to post photos that grab attention and makes people stop.  Otherwise, people keep scrolling or swiping and pass you by.  All day we view websites with cool, quality images, so low-quality images are a real turn-off for many.


A headshot photography specialist can make you look incredible:

To stand out from the masses of cell phone pics (that all look the same) some social media savvy people are seeking out our photography studio for expertise on getting what they need.  Struggling to find six pictures that show you in the perfect light can be a tricky task.  An experienced professional photographer will use their considerable skills to make you look incredible and grab attention.

At our studio we have seen a big jump in the number of people that are hiring an experienced professional photographer to make them look their best and stand out on dating app platforms.  They want to look fantastic in their pics.  Period.

Initially, our core clients were in their thirties or forties, but over the last couple of years we’ve seen a marked increase in twenty-something clients.  Younger daters have been brought up in a visual world and having good quality images is a completely normal thing to prioritize in their lives.


Embracing the trend of mindful online dating

Carefully curated profiles have more chance of attracting someone who is on a similar wavelength. Wanting to attract quality over quantity is a popular refrain I hear from clients seeking headshots for dating apps.

Having pictures that speak about how you want to portray yourself, instead of just a random selection of photos from your camera phone, shows that you are embracing a mindful approach to online dating.  Going to the effort of doing a photoshoot sends the signal that you are more committed to finding someone.


An experienced headshot photographer can give a natural look:

People have asked me some variation of the question “Won’t the photos look fake or over produced?”  frequently.   The answer is not if you shoot them correctly and think beyond just shooting in the studio.

The best professional photographers treat dating photography like a whole new genre.  It is less about formal poses and more like we are talented friends who capture you out and about having fun.

I work closely with people to get a feel of what they want and how they want to portray themselves.   We then work together to create amazing photos that look natural and give the vibe they are looking for.

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