Professional Hair and Makeup for Headshot – Do you need it?

Many people ask us at Francesca Photographers if they should have their hair and makeup professionally done before their headshot photography session.   Before making a recommendation our professional photographers talk with our clients to learn more about their goals and what image they are hoping to project in their photographs.  In some cases, it is not necessary but in others, it can really help you take your images to the next level.

For people who are looking to project a polished look:

Those clients that are really looking to project polish and professionalism frequently look great with the addition of professional hair and makeup services. A professional can provide makeup that reads better on camera then your typical cosmetic application.  Hair can be blown out to look its best and be free from the flyaways that can distract in photographs.   It also gives many people an intangible feeling of confidence as they go into their headshot photography session.  This confidence can be a great tool for achieving the right look.

What we recommend:

Many people have a trusted stylist or makeup artist that they have built a relationship with.  This is frequently a good option.  If your typical stylist is not used to working on photo-ready hair and makeup your headshot photographer can also to recommend someone.  Francesca Photographers has a great relationship with a hair and makeup professional located conveniently next door to our studio. They provide great makeup and hair that reads exceptionally well on camera.

Feel free to contact our professional headshot photographers anytime to discuss if professional hair and makeup is appropriate for you.  We want to help you create the best headshot photography experience possible so we can elevate your look to the highest level.

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