Our Artists

Our imaging professionals are not only recognized for excellence and leadership within the industry, but also among our photography clients for our tremendous attention to detail and putting everyone at ease. Here are some of the creative artists who are transforming life into fine art at Francesca Photographers:


" You can be a hub or a spoke. I believe I am hub. " ~Jennifer

Creative Director and Photographer, Jennifer Angeloro, is an esteemed mentor for photographers nationwide. She is one of a select group of artists who has been an educator and councilor for Professional Photographers of America. Says Jennifer:

“I love supporting and inspiring my peers. Creativity has always been fostered by my family – especially by my grandmother, Francesca. All six of her grandchildren are creative professionals in an artistic field. Every single one of us!


The initial spark for wanting to start a studio collective of artistic professionals was earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology. It was where I learned that being surrounded by creatives pushes me to grow.”

Jennifer has had numerous high profile clients that included pro athletes, media professionals and many Fortune 500 business such as Pfizer, American Express, Eli Lilly and Outback Steakhouse Restaurant Partners.

Lucky Number? “89. It’s the number of antique cameras I have collected over the years. My favorite is a vintage Rollieflex that was gift from my grandfather.”


Photographer, Lauren Wojtalewski, is a master of thoughtful and expertly composed images. Before transitioning into photography fulltime, she was a graphic designer that worked with Fortune 500 clients. Her background as a classically educated graphic designer, and unobtrusive shooting style, enables her to quietly capture authentic moments in a beautiful way.

Lauren is what photographers affectionately call a “gear head” and is always up on the latest camera equipment. She has a camera bag full of next generation mirrorless photography equipment and was recently recognized in the international Olympus magazine as being a leader in photographic technology adoption.

When she is not shooting Lauren enjoys spending time with her husband and three boys in their Fayetteville home. She is a creative maker and enjoys crafting, knitting and crocheting. She also has a sweet tooth and will never say no to a Resee’s Peanut Butter Cup!

Mirrorless Cameras -worth the hype?

“Absolutely! They are the future of photography.”


Associate photographer, Jenny Whiteside, brings an amazing second point of view to her images. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in photojournalism from the Rochester Institute of Technology and has a refined documentarian style.

Her outgoing and joyful personality makes her a favorite second shooter for many wedding couples. While the main photographer focuses on the bride and groom, she can simultaneously capture the story of the bride and groom's family and friends using her sharp photojournalist shooting style.

Nikon Or Cannon?
“In the long-standing Nikon vs. Cannon debate, I vote Nikon every time.”