Newborn Portraits & Baby Portraits Personalized To Reflect Your Family

Every family has their own unique style and design preferences.  When having a child, many parents tailor the nursery, baby clothing and accessories to their tastes.    Baby portraits and newborn portraits should also reflect who you are as a family. As experienced newborn photographers we take several steps to get to know you and create a session that is a perfect fit.

Getting to know you – Pre-consultation session 

Before each baby portrait shoot, we recommend a pre-consultation session.  This allows your professional newborn photographer to truly get to know who you are and your style.   Our photographic artists can help your family craft a creative newborn photography session that is truly special.     The images can be directly personalized and become something more than a standard portrait.   

Please feel free to be very direct with your photographer and let them know what type of newborn or baby portraits you really want.  Baby portraits do not have to be frilly or just like everyone else’s.  Not everyone wants the same thing and the best portraits are a reflection of who you are.  

Some parents choose to have their newborn photographer host the pre-consultation session before their child is even born.  Your photographic artist can assist with pre-planning what you should bring to the session and what clothing, background and accessory choices would look best.  Many parents tell us that this planning session makes getting ready for the shoot stress free. (You even pack it all up before the baby is born.)

Creating heirlooms

Our artists can help you to create heirlooms that become woven into your family history.  Think about how you plan to use the images after your baby portrait session is complete. Are you interested in albums, wall portraits or announcement cards?  Discussing this ahead of the session will allow your baby portrait photographer to capture singular images that are tailored to how you plan on presenting them.

Planning for the day of the shoot

On the day of your baby portrait session you will be ready with a plan of what to bring.  Stress will be at a minimum because your baby portrait session has all been all laid out in advance.  Our expert baby photographers will have everything ready before your arrival at the studio. Backgrounds, lighting and accessories will be in place so we can focus on just your child and not the details.

It is very important that the baby is happy, fed and freshly diapered before your photographic artist starts to capture the session.  If the baby is crying and uncomfortable, we will obviously not get the images that we want. Babies can pick up on stress and tension so it helps if parents can be relaxed and calm when bringing the baby.  If possible, please have your child already dressed or swaddled in their first look when you arrive at our portrait photography studio. This allows your photographer to go right into our first set of portraits without disturbing the baby by changing their attire.

After the session

The best part of any session is seeing your completed images!  Your portrait photographer will present the images to you and is an expert in assisting you with ideas for personalized display of your images.  Our photographic artists provide curatorial services to take the stress out of image selection, presentation and archive. Our years of experience and education are at your disposal.

It is important to consider what you would like to do with your newborn portraits once they are completed.  How do you want to display and share them? Would you like to send out baby announcements, hang portraits on your walls or create an heirloom album? Do you want copies of your album or wall portraits as gift for grandparents and others?  Feel free to snap a few photos of your home and wall space so your baby and newborn photographer can see your style and design images that will work well in your space.

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