My Top 5 Tropical Island Wedding Shoots of the Decade, #3: Sanibel Island

Sometimes you meet people who make you want to be a better person. This inspiring couple has dedicated their lives to running large national philanthropic organizations. In keeping with their focus on people over possessions they decided to gather only their closest family and friends for a down to earth destination beach wedding on Sanibel Island. This was a big contrast to most of the over-the-top wedding photographer assignments I was covering at the time but if felt just as special.

The couple was very focused on family and their shared heritage. Many special customs were woven throughout such as a libations ceremony, a sand ceremony and jumping of the broom.

The natural surroundings of Sanibel are a great location for people, such as this couple, who prefer unspoiled beach settings over high-rise condos and hotels along the water. As a wedding photographer I loved how the palm trees provided a lush green backdrop for the ceremony.

After the ceremony a separate area was set up for the guests to enjoy cocktails on the water. An adorable canopy was set up and the local sea grape leaves were used to decorate the guests’ path. There were many heartwarming toasts about the couple from their friends and family. The night was spent relaxing and laughing in a beautiful island setting that was unforgettable.

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