My Top 5 Destination Wedding Shoots, #3: New Orleans, Louisiana

When I got the call to photograph this wedding in New Orleans I was beyond excited. I love to visit the city and the rich history, beautiful architecture and vibrant culture are picture-perfect for wedding photographers.

The bride and groom lived in Manhattan but both had family ties in New Orleans. They chose to host a destination wedding that was steeped in Big Easy tradition. They kicked off the big day with a very formal religious ceremony at a historic church in the French Quarter.

After the vows were complete, they hopped into a vintage Rolls Royce and took off across town to an area close to Bourbon Street. The bride and groom then threw formality out the window and had an incredibly exuberant reception in one of New Orleans’ most popular historic restaurants. The guests were dancing and singing all evening and it was incredibly fun to photograph.

The entire wedding took place in the evening and was challenging to photograph. The lack of natural light and dark interiors required numerous photographic lighting solutions but the end result was so worth the additional efforts. The images have a rich quality that is both warm and dusky.

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