Loving Your Pictures in 2020

Photographs can uncover a lot of emotions. In the age of “selfies,” we are in constant connection with how we look to others, and sometimes we don’t think kindly of what we see in the reflection. Part of this is not having images of yourself that you can appreciate, and know that your beauty is deeper than what you see on your selfie screen.

In the age of the influencer, our social platforms are all about how you look, and whether your pictures are “good enough” to get likes and comments. It’s tough when you’re comparing yourself to people who have teams of makeup crews, and fashion designers to style them with the latest and greatest.

What’s great about getting your pictures professionally done, whether it’s family photos, headshots, or engagement pictures, is that it’s ALL you. We can make style recommendations, but your clothes, hair, makeup, and smile are YOURS — and the client always looks beautiful! Getting professional photographs taken will help in understanding that you should love the way YOU look in a picture because it’s all-natural and all you. Part of being a photographer is capturing the already existing glamor of the clients, and enhancing it with vibrant colors, and smoothing tools — tools that help with shadows and other environmental deficiencies that can obstruct your best features. Tools that help to remove what we may see as imperfections on a picture taken on a phone.

The year 2020 is a good year to start appreciating who you see yourself as; by taking the opportunity to collect images of yourself, whether headshots or couples pictures, and to love the way you look. Use photographs more intentionally by taking them with meaning and purpose, and reflecting on what you like about them. It makes it possible to believe that while selfies are good for quick memories, quality images certainly highlight what’s amazing and unique about YOU.

Reach out for a pep-talk, we’re here to capture your beauty.

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