Is That Brick Background Real?

“So is that brick background in your photos real? “ I frequently get this question from perspective headshot and portrait photography clients. The answer is YES!

That is the brick on the building and it is a great place for capturing so many different types of shots. Clients often look for a diverse range of images from one studio photography session. (Always feeding the social media machine!) The brick at the studio adds this variety and an organic look that many people connect with.

Professional photographers, such as myself, love to work with these types of locations that exude authenticity. Before each session I have a pre-consultation to talk with people about what their goals are for the session. How do you want it to look? What will the photos be used for? We use real settings such as this to make people look incredible but still genuine.

If you are ready to step up beyond basic, and present an incredible look that is anything but average, contact us to plan your headshot session together.

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