I HATE Having My Picture Taken!

As an experienced professional photographer this is a sentiment that I have heard from countless people over the years. Most of these people fall into the categories of feeling uncomfortable during the session or not liking the finished images.

An expert professional photographer can solve this:

It does not have to be this way! What they are really telling me is that they have not been photographed by someone who makes them look good and feel at ease. A great photographer can always use their expertise to over come both of these hurtles and make it an incredible session for all involved.

I really love taking photographs for people who DON’T like professional photographs taken. It is so gratifying to show them that the camera really DOES love them and the experience can be relaxed. (And even fun!)

Strategies to help you relax during your photography session:

Making people feel comfortable in front of the camera is my superpower. This is a very important skill that I have cultivated and refined over the years.

Because I am an experienced professional photographer, I completely know my craft and am calm during the whole process. (I really laughed when one client even left me a review making reference to me being like vallum.) Patience, humor, listening to people, encouraging them, giving them time to get used to the camera and process are just some of the tools that I use.

Creative ways to make you look incredible:

Because I have photographed thousands of people of all shapes, sizes and styles I have developed multiple skills to make people look incredible in their photographs. The best photographic lighting, posing, camera angles and points of view come together to take your image to the next level.

Check out some of our before and after shots showing everyday looks verses shots we captured to see the transformative power of great professional photography. If you are looking for a professional photography studio to make you look and feel great contact us anytime to discuss what we can do for you.

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