Be An Influencer

March is a new month, we start to see everything defrosting, and coming alive! Once you start putting your boots away, a whole new trend of clothing, food, and pictures arise. For influencers, these trends equal their livelihood, as knowing what’s the best of the best coming next is how influencers connect with their audiences. 

Instagram isn’t an easy platform. Everyone’s an influencer nowadays for some sort of product, activity, or social justice topic — and the most important piece of this trend is your influential imaging. Society is developing to be much more image and video-heavy, so influencers have to keep up with the trends to stay advanced on their pages, and continue to influence others in the process to buy or sell whatever they’re offering.

Luckily for most people, we are not influencers, and use these platforms just to share pictures with friends and family, to show that we don’t just sit at home in our PJs (or, pretend not to). But it is saying something to have the image quality of an influencer, and care about your pages as if you were trying to sell something.

In a way, we all are selling ourselves and our lives to the public with these platforms, so speak to your true self and bring out your inner influencer this summer.

Family Pictures

Whether you are a family of two (you and your dog) or have seven kids, take a moment to reflect on the kind of pictures of your family you would ideally want. We offer family photography, and it would make for some cute, wholesome content that connects with many other families to bring everyone together for a fun photo shoot. These pictures aren’t just for you, either. These pictures are for your family who lives far away who want to see honest and loving content that they don’t get to experience in-person.

Influencers do a great job at connecting with their audiences through real-life photography — so laughing, posing, being silly, can all be captured beautifully, and at the quality you deserve. 

Personal Branding

It happens far too often that we know someone with an amazing craft, who doesn’t boast or post about it online, or someone who has an amazing smile that only has one post on Instagram (of a great chili recipe, or something). Your personal brand is for everyone, including you! If you are a professional and are out in the world making business deals, or even doing some shopping as a stay-at-home mom, your image should reflect the work you do, and how hard your work at it.

If you don’t have pictures of yourself or don’t like taking pictures of yourself, get a personal branding shoot done! We edit and tailor to your liking, and you can feel confident and excited to finally post. Your friends will gladly like and comment, and others will take an interest in your interests. 


It’s time to step up your insta-game and be an influencer (maybe without the product recommendations). Once you have a following and friend-base that you’re happy with, maybe you can start marketing your interests, and become an influencer to all the right people!

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