Acting Headshots

I had a really fun session recently for a vibrant young actor that was the highlight of my week. As a professional photographer I want to capture engaging, creative and original photographs. I truly enjoy being a headshot photographer and photographing headshots for actors is one of my favorites. The emotional range shown by many actors makes for dynamic and truly next level portraiture.

The best actor headshots put you above all the other smiling faces
As a headshot photographer I think it is crucial that an actor’s images show their personality and range. The resume is important, but the headshot is the first impression. The headshot is an introduction to what an actor is going to be like to work with and we want to capture that little something extra to put them above the countless smiling faces.

Let your headshots show variety and range
For this session we were focusing on capturing a variety of backgrounds / expressions so the actor could cross purpose the images for both directing positions and roles. We split our shoot between our photo studio and some outdoor locations.

Experienced photographers know what agents and casting directors prefer
I used a combination of natural and studio lighting to give the images an organic look. Experienced professional photographers frequently add some natural light because it is a very honest, flattering quality of light. Many agents and casting directors prefer this lighting because aggressive studio lighting can create headshots that do not look anything like the actor.

Headshots with that special quality that stands out
The Francesca Photographers studio has years of experience collaborating with actors to create images with that special quality that stands above the rest. We create an interpersonal chemistry with actors that lets them relax, focus and have fun with the photographic process. The result is superior images that help you avoid becoming just another headshot thrown into the dreaded circular file.

Are you ready to take your headshot to the next level and grab attention? Drop us a line and we can send you info to get the ball rolling.

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