A Few of our Favorite Things: Weddings at Hendricks Chapel

Hendricks Chapel weddings, on the Syracuse University campus, are typically beautiful and elegant events. As a professional wedding photographer, it is one of my favorite places to take photographs in the city.

The interior of Hendricks Chapel is a light, bright and airy space that is particularly beautiful. One of my favorite parts is the natural light that fills the space. This lighting makes for incredible wedding photographs without the need for intrusive flash photography lighting. The balcony is the perfect place for my second shooter to position themselves to get unique angles and candid images in a completely unobtrusive way.  A 2.8 70-200 zoom lens is our go-to for incredible closeup photos of intimate wedding ceremony moments.

After the ceremony it is great to head outside and shoot some portrait photos. The exterior of Hendricks Chapel is a fantastic location for wedding photography. The ornate historic architecture is stunning and makes an amazing location for wedding portraits of the bride and groom as well as portraits of their family and friends. I often use the chapel’s signature columns, grand staircase and lush ivy covered walls as backgrounds for unique wedding photographs.  

The surrounding Syracuse University campus offers practically limitless locations for other portraits as well. For many Hendrick Chapel weddings we begin with family and wedding party photographs on-site and then tour around the campus taking additional photographs of just the bride and groom.  These locations can be particularly meaningful for couples that are alumni or current students.

Tell us what you think!  Are Hendricks Chapel weddings your favorite too?  Check out a few of our favorite Hendricks Chapel wedding photos and leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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