A Beautiful Addition to Your Wedding

Chuppahs, or wedding canopies, are one of my favorite ways to add a beautiful element to the ceremony. Visually they are a fantastic focal point for professional wedding photographers to use compositionally. (We are big fans at our photography studio!) Also, it can set the tone for your day and make a powerful personal statement about a couple.

As guests enter the ceremony the chuppah is a great introduction for your guests on what type of wedding to expect. A grand and elegant chuppah can create an anticipation of a luxurious affair. Fun and contemporary chuppahs can signal an event filled with whimsey hosted by a modern day couple. As soon as I begin the wedding ceremony photography I immediately begin looking for clues about the couple’s style. We build off these ques so a couple can receive tailored coverage that is exactly what they want for their wedding photographs.

Your choice of chuppah can say a lot about your personalities and values as a couple. My favorite wedding chuppah was one that made a powerful personal connection to the couple and their families. Of all of the hundreds of wedding I have photographed this one really stood out to me.

The bride sent a beautiful card to all of the special people in their lives and asked them to send her a piece of fabric from something that they found meaningful. Friends and family from all over sent her dozens and dozens of pieces with amazing stories. Part of a grandmother’s wedding veil, sections of a cherished baby blanket, a piece of lace from her great grandmother’s wedding ensemble.

The finished chuppah was constructed using a canopy that was quilted together from all of the gifted fabric pieces. Every inch of this beautiful creation had special meaning. Not only was it gorgeous but it made a powerful statement about the couple’s love for the people in their life and their dedication to merging their families / histories together.

Having experienced so many different weddings as a professional photographer I have captured chuppahs that are set up in all shapes and sizes. Whatever style you choose to include your guests will know the importance of family, tradition and faith to you as a couple.

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