4 Ways to Help You Prepare For An Engagement Portrait Session at the Beach

Here at Francesca Photographers, we are getting ready to enter the summer portrait season, and loving every minute!  Professional engagement portraits captured at the beach are a unique summer treat that really stands out from more traditional portrait settings.  Whether you are planning a portrait session at Sylvan Beach, Oneida Shores, Green Lakes, Verona Beach, or the shores of Lake Ontario our professional portrait photographers have you covered.

If you are planning for your portraits on the beach, there are things you should take into consideration. What will you be wearing? What time of day should you be photographed? What poses or portraits should be captured? By planning and coordinating before your engagement photography session, you will be guaranteeing smooth sailing throughout the beach portrait process.

What to wear

Beach portraits are a fun experience. Poses can be done sitting in the sand, leaning against driftwood and maybe even dipping your toes in the water. This being said, it is a great idea to wear clothing that will be appropriate and comfortable in many different poses. Color schemes that are harmonious with the water and sand can bring your portrait session to the next level.

Time of day

Lighting plays a big factor when planning for beach portraits. For optimal lighting we suggest to have your portrait session an hour after the sun rises, or an hour before sunset.  This is known at the golden hour and produces beautiful blue skies as well as a good chance for sunset portraits.

Poses and Prints

Once you have your clothing and session time chosen, think about what poses you most want to see captured, as well as places you will be hanging your portraits. There is nothing worse than waiting until after the session to decide how you will display your beautiful portraits.  You may have verticals when you needed horizontals, or your clothing choices may not work with the décor of your home.  It is so disappointing when the poses do not convey the feeling you are looking to create with your portrait display.

If you have a location in your house where your new photographs go (such as above a fireplace or over a couch) it is great to notify your portrait photographer. This way they can prepare and shoot accordingly to your portrait needs.

If you need help creating a display plan for your images please do not hesitate to ask us!  We would love help and offer suggestions.  Many of our clients love it when we help them to plan a session that includes beautiful candids in addition to our customary portraits on the beach.   Candids such as these look amazing when printed as wall portraits and canvas gallery wraps. The texture of the canvas adds the extra artistic touch to these prints.


Planning your beach portraits can appear to be challenging. But, when you plan in advance it will be easy as a piece of Wegmans cake!

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