Photo Holiday Cards

Experienced family portrait photographers can make yours stand above the crowd…

Every December we all receive countless holiday cards from our friends and family. Each one is a beautiful reminder that someone is thinking of you during this season of celebration and want to share it with you. What makes a card stand out and rise above the rest? Here are a few tips to make your holiday card special.

Make it personal

One of the best ways to stand out in a crowd of holiday cards is by sending out a holiday card that has been personalized with a photo of your family. This is especially true of families with children. Friends and family love to keep up with how your children have grown and a photo holiday card is a great way of doing this. A custom holiday card with a family portrait, or portrait of your children, is a unique message that shows that you have put in the extra effort because you care about the people receiving it.

Send the right message

Always think about the message the photo on your holiday card is sending. A quick photo of your family in t-shirts will send a very different message then a well-considered image.

Clothing choices, hair and makeup all important but even more vital are the expressions of your family in the photograph. People love to see an authentic moment when your family is happy and relaxed. Joyful children are particularly captivating and will set your image apart.

At our studio I use my years of experience to put everyone at ease so we can create images that are delightful and authentic. Patience, humor, listening to people, encouraging them, giving them time to get used to the camera and process are just some of the tools that I use to make the session fun and enjoyable!

Quality is very important

This is where an experienced professional photographer really comes into play. You can have an image with a beautiful moment that still looks blah because of the lighting and posing.
We create a beautiful moment for your family to spend time embracing all that you mean to each other. (When was the last time you took a moment for that.)

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